Where I’m Going with my Gaming (So I Can Actually Finish Something)

So I am painting again (Yay), and should have some stuff finished relatively soon. But I decided, for a number of reasons, to change up how large I’m making my units, the rules I want to play, etc. I laid it out in a message to my friend and holder of what will someday @ MArshal Murat’s Closetbe a mass of destroyed Russians once I get my French army finished, Scott @ Marshal Murat’s Closet (slightly editted)-

So I’m considering not worrying about “Waterloo” so much as my standard rules for Napoleonics, and adopting Black Powder, using the scale I decided on for Black Powder AWI-

Base size of 40x40mm with 4 figures for infantry
50x50mm with 2 figures for cavalry
1 gun plus limber – a battery

With unit sizes of-

Large- 6 bases
Standard- 4 bases
Small- 3 bases
Tiny- 2 bases
And skirmish units compromising individual figures in the amount conforming to unit size.

I have a few reason for doing this
1- Money. I can’t afford to do large armies any more, and I don;t see that changing in the near future, so I want to be able to make the most of what I have right now.

2- Wanting to play!!! If I keep doing these huge units, the truth is, I’m never going to have an army playable for anything, I recognize now my painting patterns, and the truth is, if I keep these big unit goals, I’m never going to finish. My interests wander to fast, both in what I want to paint, and when I want to paint.

3. Quality- Im always going to be a painter at heart. If I can’t paint stuff to the best of my ability, within reason, these being armies and not single figures, then I’m not going to like the finished product, and, again, I’m going to lose interest before finishing.

4, Terrain. The less time I need to spend on units, the more time I can spend putting together quality terrain, which we really need. Plus, quality, realistic terrain, to me, will perfectly balance out the small sized units on a game table.

5. The rules themselves. Waterloo is a lot fun, but it can be cumbersome with the big units and need for space. Black powder seems like the perfect rules for all these eras you and I are interested in, and just a fun, dynamic, and short way to play.

If I do this, then I have a playable French army right now (though I’d add a few more command figures to each unit…. a weeks work), with 4 battalions of line, 4 or 5 squadrons of horse, and an artillery battery., ready to go. And one that can be expanded into Jerome Bonaparte’s entire division very quickly, which I already have enough plastics on my shelves to complete at this scale.

And the Black Powder rules give the perfect ability for me to do this not only with Napoleonics, but with every other era the rules cover. (Except ancients… whenever I tackle those Greeks, well, the Phalanx needs to be BIG 🙂  )

Any thoughts?

At any rate, this will allow me to actually get something finished and start doing some gaming soon, hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Where I’m Going with my Gaming (So I Can Actually Finish Something)

  1. I have to agree with you about Black Powder. We had used that for our Salamanca game we ran just over a year ago at AdeptiCon. Black Powder is more of a rule set for fun in my opinion. It is quite simple but still gets the job and keeping it tactical. I’ve used it for both Napoleonics and for ACW now. I enjoy the lighthearted declarations that you are supposed to do before each turn.

    When it comes to those ancients, I am looking closely at Hail Caesar for my new rule set.

    • You hit the nail on the head for me and the friends who are interested in Black Powder. We’re not rules grognards… we just want to have some fun, push some figures around the table, get a bit of a feel for the era, and then go have a beer. By using those rules, and by doing small sized units, we can do just that, and do it in a reasonable amount of time.

      My friend Scott swears by Hail Caesar. His favorite ancients rules. I haven’t played yet, but hope to soon.


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