The Black Watch, 1776

Well, I finally finished something. I told myself that I HAD to knock this little unit out before I moved on to anything else, seeing as how they’ve been sitting half painted on a shelf for about a year now. Rushed through it a bit, just to get it done, so it’s nothing amazing, but it is finished. Probably. <whew!>

The flags are GMB Napoleonic Era 42nd that I had lying around for a few years, heavily repainted, so they’re not perfectly accurate. I’ll replace them with Flags of War flags the next time I make an order.

On a side note… I swear I will never paint another kilt again 🙂

42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot “The Black Watch”, circa 1776. 28mm Perry Miniatures, based for “Black Powder”.



8 thoughts on “The Black Watch, 1776

  1. Those figures look great! I especially like the socks… and whatever you used for the white and yellow flowers. Your basing technique is very nice. It looks like you took your time with them.

  2. Really beautiful work! Having dabbled in ancient Gauls, I know that plaid is an awful lot of work, but it has clearly paid off for you. Well done indeed! – James

  3. Looks great Scott. So happy to see you painting again!

    As I said a long time ago, screw the kilt, show me more socks! 🙂

  4. Thanks guys. It’s nice to be painting again.

    Right now I’m rebasing my Napoleonic French for the “Black Powder” setup we’re going to be doing, and then I’m going to finish up a unit of AWI British Dragoons. I’ll get pics up of both as soon as I can.


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