French Carabiniers, 1812

Another unit for Black Powder that was partially finished, and needed wrapping up. A couple of the figures were done, and I just needed to round out the rest of them.

All are Perry Miniatures, 28mm.Image





9 thoughts on “French Carabiniers, 1812

    • Working on it. The next one is taking a bit longer, but at least I’m getting something done on it every day. 🙂

  1. Amazing as usual. One of these days you need to give me some tips on how to paint! My tabletop standard is nothing compared to these.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Congratulations on an outstanding piece of art work. I have a box of these figures on my shelf but have not been brave enough to paint them!!!! Until now!!!!!!
    Please could you pass your advice regards the cuirass. I am wondering if its possible to edge the breast plate in silver??
    Please could you also pass your advice on the white tunics??? Did you use a white triad on those??

    So glad you are back i was kind of painting in the dark but you have advised me well and shown me the light in the past.

    stunning work as always.

    The kindest regards


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