15mm 28th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

More painting done! I decided to switch over to the Union for a bit and work on my Irish Brigade. I have a good pile of Minifigs that I got from GFI right before they closed down… enough to do pretty much the whole brigade for a “Longstreet” campaign.

I was hesitant at first to paint these, as I wasn’t too thrilled with the lack of various poses in the figures, but once I started, I quickly realized how much fun they are to work on, and how nice and sharp they look once they’re finished. The proportions are really good, and there is just enough well done, realistic detail in the sculpts to pick out folds, faces, equipment, etc., to really make them look nice. And, somehow, as a regiment of the Irish Brigade charging up Mayre’s Heights at Fredricksburg, they really seem to look “right”.

So here’s the first regiment of the brigade, the 28th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. Flags are from Flags of War. More coming soon!





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