Time to Start Selling

Well, I think I’m about to make the dive into selling my miniatures. And to try and get a little more serious about it. I have more time on my hands these days, so it seems like a good idea.

First, I think I’ll focus on painting and selling stuff I have already. Things that I’ll enjoy painting, but don;t need to keep.

Eventually, though, I want to start doing commission work for others. I think I’ll remain somewhat selective, though. There are some things I paint well, and some things I don’t. So I’ll have to be a little choosy.

Check back, I’ll start posting things that I’ll be putting on Ebay, as well as miniatures I’m just painting for myself.


3 thoughts on “Time to Start Selling

  1. Hi Scott, Selling very well painted stuff on eBay is fraught with emotion. You will often never get what the models are worth. The first thing I sold on eBay went for a stupidly high price, and I thought ‘this is easy’ but since then stuff has often gone for my minimum. Which is alright I suppose.
    I am sorry I am not in the market for your lovely figures, but good luck.


  2. Having a clear out is a good thing but I have to agree, no-one values your figures as much as you do. I too got the most money for selling an army I had not painted, simply patched up. I have sold a few armies because I needed the cash at the time (ones that I did paint up) but wish I had kept.
    Good luck in your venture, I hope you do well with your sales.

  3. Well, so far I’m painting and selling stuff that I’ve had sitting around on shelves forever. I don’t have much attachment to any of it, really, which makes it easier to focus on getting it sold. But I understand what you mean… I’ve had to sell many miniatures before that I regretted getting rid of, and never sold things for what I thought they were worth. What i’m doing right now is getting an idea of what I think something is worth before I start painting it. But, in the end, my only investment is time, really.

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