Couple of Fantasy Miniatures

These are a couple of miniatures I’ve had laying around. At one point I was going to do my own Warhammer Fantasy Imperial army, a Stirland army, and so I collected a bunch of stuff that I liked to put it together (Not being a huge fan of the GW Empire miniatures I collected a number of late medieval/renaissance and fantasy miniatures from a few companies).

But, like so many of my miniature painting plans, everything is sitting on shelves, collecting dust, waiting for paint. So I decided to finish a couple of them, and put them on Ebay (Which I’ll do later this evening.)

These are both figures from Gamezone Miniatures. Roughly 28mm (more like 30mm). Very finicky figures to prep, but really fantastic sculpts.

Imperial Standardbearer-





Mounted Arquebusier Hero






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