On the Painting Table, September 24th 2014…

… A unit 24 figure unit (25 with the mounted commander) of Napoleonic late-war Austrians from Victrix Miniatures. Almost finished with these. They just need a couple good coats of matte varnish and then they’ll be heading straight to eBay. I REALLY like the way these are coming together. Enough so that I think I’m going to keep half of a box worth of figures for myself and build my own small Austrian army (Ive got 4 boxes of the Victrix Austrians, so it should be a nice little force for the game table)

I’ll post some final photos and a link to the eBay page once they’re finished.

austians raw



4 thoughts on “On the Painting Table, September 24th 2014…

    • Wish I could take credit for more than just gluing them on hahah. They’re the one’s that come with the Victrix Austrian box. I just touched them up a little bit.

        • Thanks. I use a different style when I paint units… I like a sharp contrast so that they “pop” on the table, so I uses strong shades, and I kind of like giving the whole thing a warm, sepia tone. So if I have options for warm color choices, such as the red facings on these Austrians, I go with that. It happened to work well with those flags. Should have final pics up in a little while.

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