Victrix Austrian Line Infantry

Finished up my battalion of Austrian line infantry. I’m really pleased with the way they turned out. The flags are from the box set, with a little touch up from me.

These are available right now on eBay-










2 thoughts on “Victrix Austrian Line Infantry

  1. Oh these are absolutely superb and must have taken an age to paint so well. I’ve had three boxes of these sat waiting to be painted since Victrix first brought them out… and the sheer amount of detail and whites has always put me off. But your pics are inspirational so perhaps I will dust a few off… Thanks for posting these 🙂

    • Thanks! These actually went a lot faster than I thought they would. I too was sitting on 4 boxes of them for about a year, and kind of avoided them for the same reasons, but they actually painted up pretty well. I’m planning on starting in on a Grenadier battalion this week.


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