54mm World War II British Soldier

Something new for me, a 54mm figure. In this case a World War II British soldier from Hornet Models. I picked up a few of these at a convention a couple years ago and finally decided to paint one of them.

I purposefully avoided painting any sort of patches… I will be the first to admit my freehand design work with a brush is incredibly hit or miss. I figured I’d avoid messing this up. Plus, while I was researching photos of British soldiers, I found quite a few pictures where nothing seemed to be on the uniform, so I don’t think I’m too far off leaving it out.

This was a lot of fun to paint. It’s a shame that Hornet Models is going out of business just as I discovered them (from what I could tell from their website). It seems as though the remaining stock is still available for direct order and from a few suppliers, so I may try and grab a couple more soon.








This will be up on eBay very soon




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