28mm Napoleonics

French General and ADC

Perry Miniatures 28mm

General Pierre David Colbert

Perry Miniatures 28mm

French 3ème Bataillon du 1er Régiment d’Infanterie de Ligne

Perry Miniatures 28mm

“French 11ème Régiment de Cuirassiers”

Perry Miniatures, 28mm

French 4th Hussars Trumpeter

28mm Perry Miniatures

 “Reporting to Marshal Ney”

Perry Miniatures, 28mm

French 9th Hussars Officer

Perry Miniatures, 28mm


GhengisCon 2010 Award Winners-

Mounted French Colonel

Victrix Miniatures


French 1815 Foot Artillery.

Perry Miniatures

Brunswick Hussar Diorama

Perry Miniatures Plastics and Metals



General Prince Jerome Bonaparte and Aides

Perry Miniatures




French Carabinier Trumpeter

Perry Miniatures

 French Battalion

Perry Miniatures Plastic and Metal based for Shako II


7 thoughts on “28mm Napoleonics

  1. I just want to say “wow”. I have been painting 28 mm Napoleonic miniatures for about a year now and have been getting better with each soldier. I am absolutely in love with your dioramas. Where can I find the wide array of poses that you use. I cannot find wounded soldiers or causalities anywhere. SERIOUSLY!!!1 Where can I find “Reporting to Marshal Ney” not to mention the others.

    Tremendous stuff.


    • I’m not sure. In the States, I get them from Eureka USA. My understanding is that they’re made by an Australian company. Beyond that, I don’t have much info that would help you find them. Sorry


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