Williamite Wars and Early 18th Century

William III

Front Rank Miniatures, 28mm

Anglo-Dutch General, 1690

Front Rank Miniatures, 28mm

The Dutch Blue Guard, 1690

Front Rank Miniatures, 28mm


6 thoughts on “Williamite Wars and Early 18th Century

  1. I’ve retired and decided to take up painting miniatures, and I’m so impressed with your work. Currently I’m not doing the eyes but after your tutorial I’m going to try my hand.

    Question: Do you know the uniform color for the regiment of the Irish Clare’s Dragoon in the Williamite War? All I can find is that they had yellow facings. I found reference that the uniforms were to be for the Irish infantry blue with red badges, but later the uniforms were to be obtained from a central warehouse and no color given. Might you know?

    • Sorry it took so long to respond. Somehow I missed the email notifying me there was a post.

      Glad the tutorial could be of some use. It one of many ways to approach painting faces and eyes, but it’s the one that seems to work best for me.

      I have no idea on the uniform colors you’re asking about. It’s an era I am just now starting to dabble in, and my knowledge is limited by what I can find online and a couple of Osprey books. If you do find out, please post it… I’d like to know.


  2. I really like the face on the sole Dutch Guardsman featured above. Can you give a tutorial on how you get that truly realistic look? It really puts other figure faces to shame.

  3. Thanks Scott. I’m going to try hour technique. For the record, that is the most realistic face I have ever seen on a miniature of any size. Thanks for sharing it. Also, the yellowish orange which you chose is apparently the most historically accurate according to leading experts.

    • Thanks Robert. For me it’s the best middle ground between speed when painting a large amount of figures and the quality. I firmly believe a lot can be over looked if the faces in your unit look good. It’s the fist place the eye naturally focuses on.

      The tutorial photos aren’t very good, unfortunately,. Hopefully the descriptions will work for you.

      That was what I concluded as well.. that a golden yellow was the closest fit. It seems to have worked out all right.


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