“Waterloo” Downloads

‘As you all know, Warhammer Historical Wargames is no more, and has stopped producing and supporting historical games. However, before the demise of WHW, Mark Latham, author of Waterloo, was working on a new army list for Russia, which he hoped would be made available as a free download at some point down the line. We were asked to playtest the list, but sadly Mark never got to release it in any official capacity, so he said we could use it as we saw fit. We’ve had it for a while, and are pretty happy with it, so we decided to post it here for everyone to enjoy.
This list is in no way official, nor is it endorsed by Games Workshop, or the now-defunct Warhammer Historical Wargames. It should be treated as a work in progress – feel free to use it, and have fun with it.’


All of these are in .PDF format.

For Firefox, Right click on link and select “Save Link As…”, or click on the link and save the .PDF that opens from there.

For Internet Explorer, right click on link and select “Save target as…”, or left click on the link and save the ‘PDF that opens from there.

Eventually I will also start posting any variations or house rules from my gaming group, as well as army lists. I’m not an expert on the Russian list, and it’s not my design, so feel free to adapt it however suits your gaming needs best.

Russian Army of 1812 List-

Waterloo Russian Army 1812+ List

Waterloo Reference Sheet-


Waterloo Templates-


Waterloo Roster Sheet-


Waterloo FAQ 19DEC2011


I will try and answer (or find answer to) any questions left in the comments section.

-Scott Merrifield


15 thoughts on ““Waterloo” Downloads

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  2. Very nice indeed. But the question is where to get Waterloo rules after Warhammer Historical closing 🙂 I couldn’t find it anywhere…

    • I’m going to say, as a semi-official list, probably not. This was the last thing I’m aware of that Mark worked on, and I don’t think he’s coming back to Waterloo any time soon. But… never say never. What will probably need to happen is for a group of Waterloo players to come up with a play-tested list, and we all just sort of declare it as “official”.


  3. Scott,

    Thanks again for the Waterloo PDF’s and Russian list. Do you have contact info for Mark? Would like to send a word of thanks for the Russian list.


    • Hi Ivan. I don’t have any current contact info for him at the moment, sorry. When he gets in touch with me again, though, I’ll pass along the message,

  4. Scott,

    Thanks for the reply. Is there a way I can send you an email privately so you can pass that along to him as well?


  5. There appear to be a few errors in the Waterloo Campaign section not covered in the FAQs. If you or Mark know what the “correct” answers are that would be great.

    Scenario 11: Plancenoit appears to have no value in the campaign. It’s worth no Campaign Victory Points and no units that take part are in the final scenario so unit replenishment does not come into it. Is this intentional? Or should I award a CVP to the winner.

    Also one of the earlier scenarios states that if the French win then the Guard units in Scenario 12 can be at maximum allowed strength rather than that listed in the Order of Battle. Problem is they are already at Maximum Strength in the Order of Battle. Should they be just 3-4 companies per battalion?

    Thirdly the Wavre scenario states that if Prussia wins then units from scenario 11 can be used in the final scenario “if they survive Wavre”. None of the units in the Wavre scenario are listed in the Plancenoit scenario.

    And finally. The Order of Battle for scenario 1 lists the strength of several Prussian cavalry units as “1 Troop”. Does this mean 1 company, in which case why is it so small? or is it 1 battalion, in which case what is the composition of it?

    Sorry to barrage you but I didn’t know of any other place that might deal with these questions now Warhammer Historical has gone for good.

    Best regards and thanks for the downloads.

    • Honestly, I have no idea on these. I haven’t played Waterloo in quite some time. I can attempt to contact Mark, but I know he’s moved on from this project some time ago, and may not have any solid answers either. I’ll post here if I hear from him. In the meantime, I’d say, use your best judgement and modify to what makes the most sense for you. Not a great answer, but it’s the only one I’ve got for you at the moment.


  6. Thanks Scott,

    I already have things in mind for how to compensate for them. I just wondered if there was any official or semi-official answer to them. We just started playing the game for the first time with the Waterloo campaign.

    Bit hard going back and forth in the rule book but still you really have to think about your tactics which I’m enjoying.

    Never mind but thanks anyway for the reply.


  7. Is there any chance that the author could do what Warwick Kinrade has down with his move from warhammer historical to iron fist publishing and his successful team up with plastic solider company and the battlegroup series?

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